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Date 09-11-2022

Welcome Customers and Partners!

First of all, Hung Cuong Group Joint Stock Company would like to send our valued customers greetings and wish you success in production and business.

Hung Cuong Group Joint Stock Company was established on 11/12/2016 with 4 main business fields: import and export (import and export) of metal ores, import and export of coal, steel business and transportation with many years of working experience. with domestic and foreign partners, especially large steel production groups such as Hoa Phat, Tisco, Dai Viet, An Khanh of Vietnam; Yingkou Steel, Rizhao Steel Group, AnFeng Sieel, Bousteel of China; Hyundai, Posco of Korea; Osaka, .JFE of Japan.

Following the development trend of the industrialization era - Hung Cuong Group Joint Stock Company always identifies steel production as a key economic sector of all industries, especially industries: heavy, manufacturing industry , make. Therefore, we always focus on developing the steel industry and providing raw materials for steel production as a long-term development strategy and throughout the development process of the Company in the new period.


Always identify steel as the key economic sector and constantly strive to become one of the leading enterprises in the field of import and export of steel, metal ore and coal of Vietnam.


Always committed to bringing partners trust and satisfaction in each service; provide customers with products of high quality, stable, competitive price, delivery on time.

Company culture

Collaborate and develop together.
Professional working environment, high sense of responsibility.
Unite, stick, share, help each other.
Always ensure safety in production labor.
Always put credibility first.

With breakthrough thinking, flexible business policy of the Board of Directors along with young, dynamic and enthusiastic staffs; Professional management system Our company is always committed to bringing customers the best products, the most competitive prices, the most perfect service, the most timely delivery.

With the motto "Customer satisfaction is a measure for development", We always seek to listen to all comments of customers so that the Company becomes more and more perfect.

We sincerely thank you!

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